So Your Copier Company Wants to Get Into Managed Services…

Copiers – don’t know what any of our offices would do without these machines! They scan, they fax, make copies of course; they collate; some of the big ones can staple and even bind. These are amazing and we love doing our part to keep them working over your network.

But, the copier companies and their technicians are not Computer Techs. There is a new trend for copier companies to pick up some Managed Services and get into the IT support world. There’s nothing wrong with expanding your offerings, but purchasing a Managed Services Platform, installing agents, and monitoring computers is a bare-bones component of an IT support team with experienced technicians.

Quick story – we have a client who is going to give their copier company a try and move their IT support to this company since they’re getting into Managed Services. We’re already running into communication issues with the plan they sent us. They don’t seem to understand the scope of the server, firewall, backups, email structure and PST files, or even how they intend to create and license the server, then move the data.

You don’t go to an HVAC company to fix your car’s cooling system; you don’t ask the drywall contractor to fix the wiring behind the wall; you don’t have your roof repaired by the tile contractor.

Leave the IT Support to the Network Technicians and hug those copier folks because we need them to be experts on copiers! – CMW