SendGrid – An Alternative!

Back in October, Microsoft made the smart move to turn off a security risk. Sage was ready for this change, allowing the SendGrid alternative to email Payroll Vouchers.

So here’s what happened next (and an alternative we’re offering):

  • Sage hardcoded that when you send one of these, the sender receives a copy, creating two ‘sends’ for each person, pushing many of our clients over the ‘free’ limit.
  • Even the paid version has some limits – when you unblock a provider (like Verizon), it’s not ‘locked in’ since these are not dedicated IP addresses.
  • Support is limited with the basic paid version.
  • You have to manage your own account.

We hear you!

We’re offering a Syscon SendGrid service. Here’s how it works and why you’ll want to consider making the switch (great looking grid recap below):

  • We have purchased a high-level SendGrid account which provides higher level support.
  • With this level of service, we have dedicated IP addresses, so once things are unblocked, they’ll stay that way.
  • We can continue to be your first call for support and issues! No more sitting on hold with the vendor.
  • At $15/month, you’ll have better service through us and a better experience, all at a cost savings!

The fee to make the move to this service is $50, one-time. For our hosted and fully managed clients, we’ll waive the $50 charge to switch you from your existing account to our service.

  Free Essentials Pro Syscon Service
 Technical Support Ticket Support Ticket and Chat Support Ticket, Chat, Phone support Syscon Supports You!
 SMTP and API      
 Purpose Built Mail Transfer Agent      
 Domain Authentication (SPF/DKIM)      
 Reputation & Delivery Visibility      
 Dedicated IP Addresses    
 Automated, dedicated IP warm up    
 Dedicated IP Pooling    
 Bounce and Block Classifications    
 Guaranteed Support Response Times    
 Allowed number of emails (Sage) 50/Day 25,000/Month or 50,000/Month 50,000/Month up to 1 Million/Month Covered!
 Prices $0/Month $19.95/Month or $34.95/Month $89.95/Month up to $999/Month $15/Month