Sage Updates

Azure Hosting, Aatrix Updates

For those of you in our Azure hosting environment running Sage 100 Contractor, we have added a daily auto update for the Aatrix reports. Users in this environment do not have sufficient rights to download executables (security!) yet you need these up-to-date. So, we’ve written a routine that updates these at regular intervals. This is part of our automation focus to Standardize, Streamline, and Bulletproof our platforms. – CMW

Adding GL Accounts
This time of year, we see a number of clients making adjustments to their Chart of Accounts. They may want to stop using a specific account, or add a few for more detailed reporting. All of this is done through the 1-7 screen.

New accounts need to be added in the correct range so they show up as expected in the Trial Balance, Income Statement, and Financial reports. Some accounts may benefit from being flagged as requiring Subaccounts. A good example for this is Employee loans with the Employees as the subaccount, for example. Another is PrePaid expenses since the subaccounts will allow you to track who these were paid to and for how much, and when they’ve been applied.

For those of you with Departmental financials, there are a few other considerations. At a minimum, most of the income accounts should be flagged as Departmental, so if you are adding Income Accounts, you need to choose 2- Departmental in the 1-7 screen when you set these up. The same is true for any Direct Expenses. In some cases, you may have Indirect accounts (Equip/ Shop) that are Departmental, or even overhead accounts. Follow the pattern already in place. Then after you’ve created the additional Departmental Income and Expense accounts, go back to the 1-9 screen and use the Options feature to push the list of Departments to these new General Ledger accounts. We’re not surprised this gets missed; it’s not very common to add accounts, but if you need to, these are the steps. – CMW