Sage Service Host Stops Working

Sage Service Host Stops Working

Applies to Sage 100 Contractor v18

The new license server with version 18 of Sage 100 Contractor (S100C) has been significantly updated. The license server is based on a program that runs in the background of a Windows computer or server. This type of application or program is called a ”
Windows Service
.” On occasion, the service host that controls the license administration for S100C will stop working resulting in an error when trying to open a S100C company database. The error message will typically be “Unable to continue: Sage 100 Contractor can’t communicate with the designated license server.”

The standard convention for this is to reboot the computer that is experiencing the error. The reboot will restart the key Windows Services that are related to S100C. However, you can restart the services on your machine to avoid a reboot and establish a connection with the Sage License server. To restart these services:

  1. Left-click your Windows Start button
  2. Type “services.msc” (without the quotes) in the “Run” or “Search” field (depending on which version of Windows you are using)
  3. Find the service called “Sage 100 Contractor Hosting Framework”, and select “Restart” from the menu
  4. Find the service called “Sage Service Host (v1.1), Right-Click> and select “Restart” from the menu

If these services successfully restart, you will be able to use S100C without rebooting your computer. In some cases, the services won’t restart – they will hang trying to stop the service. To resolve this issue without rebooting your computer, you will need the information
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