Sage – Changes Coming; support, Version 21…

Sage has some changes coming for the Sage 100 Contractor users.  Here are three (3) things you’ll need to know:

First, as of May 1st, there is a price increase. This seems to be an annual occurrence, so not a surprise.

Second, and more interesting, is the change beginning May 7th.  If you reach out to Sage support for Sage 100 Contractor, you’ll have to start the request via their Live Chat. You can always contact your business partner first, and usually that’s where you would start, but if you need Sage support for this product, you’ll have to initiate a Live Chat.  They’ll try to help you via the chat. If a call is warranted, they’ll ask if you’re available, or make an appointment for the call.

The third and last item for today is the version 21 release which is scheduled to be available June 1st.  We’re just starting our testing process (as third party Sage developers for this product, we have access to an early release!).  Here are a few highlights:

  • Create recurring Salaried Payroll Records
  • Send Direct Deposit stubs via email at a later date
  • Track Employee Raise history
  • They’ve removed the ‘Protected Sheet’ feature when sending a report to Excel (thank goodness!)
  • When you install version 21.1, you’ll have to note your Sage ID and Registration information before you start (we recommend getting a screen shot), then be ready to enter this info at the end of the upgrade process EXACTLY (their word in all caps on their document) like it was when you started.

Any questions or need help, give us a call – 630-850-9039 —CMW