Sage Backups – The Real Story

Sage Backup Alerts

In the early months of each new year, we receive a new round of inquiries about a Sage message that comes up when logging into the archives, so we thought we’d recap what this is and how it works.

Each evening, Sage makes a copy of your current dataset. Often this copy is saved on a different drive letter, usually to the same server that has the software and data. If everyone is logged out (and they should be), it also runs the very important Tune-Up, too.

These nightly copies are great and serve a purpose. When an archive is created, there are no more changes—it’s an archive, a moment in time. So the nightly copy routine does not need to run. When you log into an archive and see the warning that the Sage backup has not run, that’s OK because there were no changes, nothing new to ’copy’ to the server.

BUT, you still need the server to have a true backup in place, a backup disaster recovery solution. This would be for the whole server. Having a Sage copy is good, but if the server failed or was compromised, your ‘live’ data and the copy would both be impacted. You need a full image-based backup solution in place with an off-site backup, as well. Not sure what you have? Call and we’ll talk it through. – CMW