Sage 100C support renewals – there’s a Gold and a Silver Price

We’ve received some questions about Sage annual support for Sage 100 Contractor.  Here are a couple guidelines and a few recommendations, as well.

Sage had a price increase on all software and support earlier this year in May.  That means your annual support renewal will be higher than last year’s.  However, they only send the invoice/quote for the Gold level support – there’s a Silver level of support available, too, but you have to ask for it!

Most of our clients purchase the Silver support which includes upgrades to the software, regular tax table updates, and technical support.  Since Syscon is their preferred resource for day-to-day support, ‘how to’ questions come to us rather than Sage, so you don’t need the Gold level.  The Sage support has been pretty good, but we know your setup (we probably implemented the software) and we have over 20 years of experience working with this program; no help desk person can beat that! 

If your Sage 100 Contractor data is being hosted by Syscon, you still need to purchase the annual software support.  It’s actually a requirement that all clients in our hosting environment maintain current support with Sage on this product. 

So, renew your support each year; it will be more due to the price increase; ask for the Silver Support dollar amount to save money; let us know if we can help!