Sage 100 Contractor – What do we ‘fix’?


We see all kinds of data errors and have some pretty special tools to fix them. Some of our clients are not familiar with what can be done, so we thought we’d share some recent things we took care of; what do you need?

-A payroll check run was posted to the wrong period; we moved the posted records to the correct Posting Period without voiding and re-creating the records.

-A large commercial roofer accidentally posted over 100 AP invoices and checks to the wrong period. We moved them all to the right period, that night, and they made their deadline.

-Due to some network connection problems, there were audit errors for the Vendor totals; we fixed the errors; the result was a clean Audit.

-After being purchased, a roofer needed specific data tables for the new company’s financials. We pulled the specific data to meet their requirements.