Sage 100 Contractor – W-2’s and 1099’s: What Forms Do I Need to Buy?

Every year we get questions about what forms to use when printing year-end payroll W-2’s, W-3, 1099’s, and the 1096 from Sage 100 Contractor – here you go!

You’ll need the four-part perforated blank forms for the W-2 and 1099 print outs.  When you print, there will be four (4) boxes on one piece of paper per person/vendor.  For the W-2’s, it will have the copy for the employee to include with their Federal tax return, State tax return, one to keep, and one for any local Parish/City they may file with; four small squares in total.  You will be prompted when to put the four-part perforated paper into the printer.  We suggest purchasing the ones that are blank on both sides since you can print the back page to plain white paper and include it in the envelope; it’s the last step in the printing process.  The employee forms need to be in the mail on or before January 31st.

HINT: We suggest printing the W-2 Employer copy to plain white paper (four people on one page), not the perforated one.  It’s our experience that the file copies get pulled out from time to time and the perforation begins to tear, making it a mess in the file and easy to lose.  Just print to plain white paper and keep it in the file as usual.

Next, the W-3 can be printed to plain white paper.  You can print two (2) copies when you get to the print screen, or just make a copy, but be sure to keep one for your files.

Most of our clients have a few 1099’s to print at the end of the year.  You’ll need to purchase the red 1099 and 1096 forms from an office supply place.  The package of 1099’s often have a few 1096 forms in them.  These are the forms you submit to the government and require the red-ink pre-printed forms.  In Sage 100 Contractor, it will print as a form-fill onto these pre-printed forms.  Be sure to make copies to keep in your files

Then, when you’re ready to print the Vendors’ copies, insert the four-part perforated plain paper to print the page that is sent to the Vendor. One of the four corners has the copy they send with their Federal return, one for their State, one to keep, and one for any local entities.  Lastly, you can print the information sheet to plain paper and include it in the envelope with the four-up form.  Either print the quantity you need, or print one and make copies.  The vendor forms need to be in the mail on or before January 31st.

It’s helpful to purchase the special envelopes so addresses line up, and so on.  This isn’t required but can be a great time-saver.

Let Us Help

Still not sure?  We run through this routine for ourselves (we use this program, too!) and we help many of our clients as they work through the various reports; can we help you? You know where to find us – 630-850-9039.  Remember, we love this stuff!