Sage 100 Contractor version 21 – What’s New?

Sage 100 Contractor version 21 – What’s New?

Version 21.1 is here! On May 31st, Sage released version 21. Here are a few highlights.

Ability to create recurring salaried payroll records

Ability to send Direct Deposit stubs at a later date – be careful on this one; when I checked for more specifics, it’s really that you can reprint these at a later date, not that they are queued up to go out at a later date.

Keep track of Employee Raise History – you can even go back and add previous history, then it will automatically update the table going forward.

Remove the ‘Protected Sheet’ flag when print to Excel – all I can say on this one is, Yeah!

CAREFUL – grab your exact client name per Sage’s records, and your Sage ID before you install this release. The process blows this information away and you’ll have to re-enter it at the end of the update, EXACTLY as it was before. Sage indicates this is due to ‘technology enhancements.’

So, should you upgrade from 20.x to 21? If there’s a feature on this list that you just have to have, go ahead. For the rest of you, no rush. We recommend waiting until they work out a few bugs (and there are always a few), then upgrade later this year.

And while we have your attention, get the rest of your version 19 datasets migrated to version 20 (or 21) this year!  There’s no guarantee how long Sage will keep this migration tool available, and version 19 is no longer supported. – CMW