Sage 100 Contractor, Upgrades, Changes, & Archiving

This is the time of year where we get a lot of questions about Sage 100 Contractor, upgrades, changes, and archiving. Here are few tips for S100C users.

  • The Federal Tax tables and about a dozen state tables are now available to install, version 22.4.27. As long as your 2020 payroll is archived (before your first check dated 2021), you’re ready to install the upgrade.
  • Upgrade all your datasets, all archives, and current datasets. If you have old datasets in a separate SQL instance, take the time to upgrade those, as well.
  • Let your IT company install upgrades and support your server, but they should not be closing your payroll. We had one client whose IT person closed payroll last year and put the FICA max at over $1,000,000!
  • This latest version also includes the new Non-Employee Compensation 1099 code. When you work through the install, it will automatically make changes from the 1-Misc status.
  • If you have anyone in the Sole Proprietor types, they’re changing 3 to 3-Attorney, so you’ll need to manually give these the right category.
  • The W-2’s and 1099’s that go to your employees, vendors (respectively) should be printed on blank paper that is perforated into 4 sections. If you get blank on the back too, S100C can print the wording to include with the W-2/1099; this might save some money.
  • There are also some ACA updates with this release. We recommend you read the release notes for details if you generate this info.

A reminder: we strongly recommend that you run the 5-3-7 audit each and every payroll. It’s a lot easier to fix things the week they come up than to figure out what happened when you get to the end of a quarter or year!