Sage 100 Contractor – Updated Tax Tables (version 19.8)

Everyone should have moved to version 19.8 sometime in late January or early February. When the tax update is installed, TAKE THE EXTRA FEW MINUTES TO UPDATE THE OTHER DATASETS. Update the current data, then release Exclusive Access so everyone can get back to work. Then, log into one of the archive datasets as Supervisor with Exclusive Access, and go to the 7-5 screen. Choose a few datasets and start the Re-index process, then keep working your way through ALL of the datasets. Make sure you’re using one of our Datto backup units or have some other backup before you start. DON’T CHEAT – A client recently needed a 2009 dataset and had not updated it several versions ago, so they are out of luck; they can’t upgrade from that old version to the new one! We wouldn’t ask you to waste your time – this step just needs to be done and is required to go to version 20 (we recorded our version 20 webinar). Last thought – Sage says they are NOT going to release 2018 tax tables in version 19, so plan ahead.