S100Cv23 ‘Fixes’

S100Cv23 ‘Fixes’

We recently pointed out some logistics with the .NET 4.8 requirement for the server with S100C on it, the need for updated third-party integration software, and the timing of your upgrade to this new, major release. (see page 4 of our October newsletter)

This month we have a few highlights from our August 25th webinar where we covered the new features and some other information.

If you’re running Sage Estimating version 20.1 (or older), it is NOT compatible with version 23. You’ll have to upgrade to 21.1 to take advantage of the integration.

Halleluiah! They ‘fixed’ the slowness issue in the note pads. This is caused by the spell check feature when it is enabled. They say this has been fixed!

The new ‘quick sum’ feature is now available in the 9-5 takeoff screen, and there’s a new ‘Clear All’ button when exporting Change Orders, Budgets, Subcontracts, and the like once you’ve been awarded that bid.

Here’s a simple one, but very annoying—when you run the 2-4-51 Subsidiary ledger, the long description runs into the Debit column so you can’t read the numbers; this has been fixed!

Another simple but irritating item—when you have multiple cash accounts and you change the cash account number, the default check number doesn’t update; this has also been fixed! Thanks Sage! Keep ’em coming! – CMW