S100C: Upgrades and Integrations

Upgrading to the latest version of Sage 100 Contractor – As we have cautioned in the past, do not be in a hurry to install the latest release of Sage 100 Contractor. In early October 2022, Sage came out with a minor upgrade for version 24. At a minimum, check with any third-party integration software to see if it is compatible with this new version. We know some IT teams are quick to get updates installed right away, but when it comes to Sage 100 Contractor, we recommend moving more slowly and doing some checking before installing the release.

More importantly, we recommend you wait on this one. They have made a major change to how the payroll year end is handled and archived. It is an exciting change, but untested. Give us a little time to ‘play’ with it and we’ll get an update out to you soon. Any questions, please call our office.

Third Party Products that Integrate with S100C — This has been a long time problem, but of late, more and more vendors are claiming they have an integration with Sage 100 Contractor. Here’s what we find when we actually get on a call with them.

Many of these third party programs are under the misunderstanding that they can dump data to a CSV or Excel file, put the columns in a particular order, and the ‘integration’ is that you import it into Sage 100 Contractor. There are a couple of things wrong with this line of thinking.

First of all, S100C does not work this way. This is closed source code with specific (and limited) API’s for other software to ‘talk’ with S100C; the upload they anticipate will work is not available.

The second problem is that dumping data to a CSV to import is not an integration! You have to pull the data into the template each time and ‘upload’ to the target program each time. To us, an integration means they communicate without intervention.

So if you’re evaluating a third party program that says it integrates with S100C, ask them to SHOW YOU! – CMW