S100C Tips – Important

There are a couple of topics and themes in S100C that came up often, so I thought I’d share them with you.

Funeral Pay and other Non-Standard Pay—I wasn’t expecting this one, but it came up in many breakout sessions. You can use the Absence field in the 5-2-2 screen to track non-standard paid time off. This field is part of the Sage reports (thanks COVID), so you can have a record of what was used, and by whom.

Workers Comp Reporting—Turns out that quite a few S100C uses do not enter the standard 40 or 45 hours in the 5-2-2 payroll record for salaried employees. This is causing issues with Workers Comp reports. The dollars are there, but the hours don’t ‘add up’ since no hours were entered for the salaried employees. Go ahead and enter time in the 5-2-2 grid for your salaried personnel. Either enter as a lump or break out the days worked. Track Holiday, Sick, and Vacation time with the Pay types.

Exempt Staff—Many clients have Project Managers and other salaried staff who are on Certified Payroll jobs. Go ahead and check the boxes in their 5-2-1 screen to show that they’re exempt from Certified Payroll and from Overtime. This will clean up your reports and still allow you to cost them to your jobs.

Hiding Gross Wage Info—Many PM’s use the job cost reports to track costs and hours worked on their jobs. If they drill down to the cost record, and it’s a payroll record, they can see the Gross Wage and determine what someone is being paid. In the 6-3 screen, use the F7 key to limit who can see this field. They’ll have the total cost, but not the gross wage.—CMW