S100C – Helpful Tips

S100C Won’t Final Compute

Several versions ago, Sage added a feature that did not allow you to Final Save a payroll record if there were negative vacation hours. That ended pretty quickly; they probably got a ton of calls! Not everyone tracks their vacation hours through the software (although we recommend that you do).

We thought that was the end of it, but in recent weeks, we found a new twist. A payroll record would not Final Compute and we checked all the little tricks we knew; nothing! Turns out that the person had just approached –992 vacation hours, and this payroll record would have put it over –1,000 hours. We cleared the Vacation tracking field and everything posted just fine (thanks Michelle).—CMW

Log In Error for S100C

Ever tried to log into Sage 100 Contractor, usually after an update, or a reboot, and get ‘Failed to connect to the specified SQL Server’? It’s a known bug; Sage points to Microsoft SQL, but the bottom line is you can’t log in!

Here’s what to do:

  •  Type Services in the computer’s search bar.
  •  At the list of services, scroll down to the one called SQL Service (SAGE 100CON).
  •  Right-click and choose Properties.
  •  Move to the Log On tab of the Properties screen.
  •  Highlight, then delete the Password and Confirm password fields and click OK.
  •  Right-click one more time and choose Start; you’ll see a tool bar that says ’Running.’
  •  Go back and re-launch Sage 100 Contractor.

Save this info for your other Sage users. It comes up pretty often. If you’d like the screen shots, call the office or email Customer Support and we’ll send them over. – CMW