Reset: Book Review

During the Global Leadership Summit (GLS) in August, I heard Mr. Taylor speak—a powerful message, insightful and a call to action. Based on that experience, I dove into his latest book.

This book is focused on Human Resources and makes the argument to put the ‘Human’ back in the title. No surprise he feels companies should have a CHRO to maximize operational efficiency and drive talent acquisition. Most of us probably think of HR as the part of the company that fills out forms and updates health insurance benefits. He’s asking his industry to sit at the table for strategy, culture, training, and investing for the bottom line.

In the opening ‘Message to Leaders’ he highlights three (3) key principles: Culture Comes First; Data is your greatest friend; and Be ‘Extra.’ Whether in crisis such as 2020 or not, these principles can be lived out in our approach to Human Resources. While we’re all revisiting how we work, Mr. Taylor is inviting us to revisit how we hire and retain our employees.

I have many takeaways as I read through the book. Warning, though: I almost put the book down mid-way through. I take issue with several of his proposals to change how and who we hire. They’re interesting points, but in my opinion, life offers us choices, and choices have consequences. He then shares that his mom who was a nurse had to learn to embrace technology, refused to cooperate/learn, and admits that is on the employee, not the employer; appreciate his honesty. Recommended! – CMW