Replacing a Modem: New Internet Service

When you replace a modem, it’s not supposed to cause any service interruptions. But, we regularly get an emergency call that this process has NOT gone as planned. Sometimes the ISP technician has plugged/unplugged something, and the connection is not coming back up.

We’ve also had clients upgrading their internet service but the ISP (Internet Service Provider) has changed the services, removing the static IP feature and related expense. In an effort to make the costs look lower, you’re losing very important functionality. Be sure to confirm that you will still have a static IP (some clients need the basic package of 5 static IP addresses). It’s always a good idea to have your IT Company take a look at the quote before you sign off. We can also confirm the actual speeds after they’re finished with the upgrade.

Before you have the ISP tech onsite to swap out a modem or perform an upgrade, give us a call so we can have a tech available for any unexpected problems. – CMW