Question Behind the Question, a Book Review

QBQ! By John G Miller

When it comes to personal accountability, Mr. Miller believes we can make better choices. He starts with a great story about a young waiter, Jacob Miller, who found an interesting way to accommodate his customer’s request.

When faced with a problem, we have choices as to how we respond. The questions we ask ourselves about our situation can shape how we feel, empowered or like a victim; these represent the question behind the question (QBQ!).

QBQ’s are questions we ask ourselves. There are three rules when asking ourselves a QBQ: 1. Begin with ‘What’ or ‘How’ (not ‘Why,’ ‘When,’ or ‘Who’); 2. Contains an ‘I’ (not ‘they,’ ‘we,’ or ‘you,’); 3. Focus on action. With this formula, the rest of the chapters walk through life scenarios we all can relate to, then applies this QBQ formula.

Warning: It’s tempting to think about who should read this book, but focus on you instead! Definitely timely and recommended! – CMW