People Leave Managers… Not Organizations! By Rick Tate and Dr. Julie White

Based on the person that suggested this book to me, I expected it to be a scolding for all managers, telling us everything we’re doing wrong and how we’re supposed to make things easier so our employees can be happy. Knowing that we put a lot of effort into providing a great place to work so we have a great experience for our clients, I was curious as to what this book was all about?

This is a very practical book that shares both sides of the equation. I love the references back to movie-character and TV shows examples of styles. Are these the people we should model ourselves after? We’re called to inspire employees, provide opportunities for them to be their best, model the way, and clarify expectations. We also need to know the importance of providing accountability, education, and consequences so all team members feel valued and appreciated. Definitely Recommended! – CMW