Patch Management Microsoft Updates

Patch Management Microsoft Updates

On a regular basis Microsoft releases updates for its active Operating Systems, both PC’s and servers. Many of these are directly related to security.

Some of these updates might interfere with other products used by many of our business clients, so each week, our techs evaluate the updates and go through an approval process. Any approved updates are automatically pushed out to our Hosted and Fully Managed clients. Server updates may require a reboot, which is scheduled for the middle of the night.

For clients with servers at their offices, we perform these updates during our onsite maintenance time.

Updates for laptops and workstations may also require a reboot, but the machine has to be on to receive the update and reboot.

In the coming weeks, Syscon is launching an education campaign surrounding these very important patch management updates. Although we know it’s never a convenient time to reboot your machine, there is a real risk to the computer and your data if they are not installed.


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