Over Under Billing (WIP) Add-On for Sage 100 Contractor

This program is a huge time-saver for any company that takes their job profitability management seriously! It allows you to extracts current, real-time data from Sage 100 Contractor for use in calculating accurate over/under billing, as well as many other revenue and job management tasks. The data is extracted into a user-selected and fully formatted Microsoft EXCEL spreadsheet template with user-entered columns required to make “real world” adjustments to over/under billing.

Upon completion of the over/under analysis, a journal entry can automatically be created and exported back to Sage 100 Contractor for review and posting by the user.

Selection of jobs for analysis allows sophisticated multiple level filtering by job status, supervisor, type, and department. Approved change orders can be included in the over/under billing data either by the accounting period or for all approved change orders –regardless of accounting period. Invoices and payments on invoices are included “as of” the user-provided ending period.

Powerful Analysis Features

-Can compile detailed information for hundreds of jobs in seconds
-Reads Sage 100 Contractor data files effortlessly. No need to set up complex ODBC drivers, Excel data queries, or other time-consuming and slow database elements.
-Creates a completely independent Excel spreadsheet that can be analyzed, modified, and updated without being connected to Sage 100 Contractor
-Sophisticated filtering techniques provide only the information needed
-Flexibility to create and use any number of pre-created analytical templates, including an independent analysis specific to the controller, owner, and project managers
Optional: Job-to-Date billing, revenue and costs; Year-to-Date billing, revenue and costs; Current period billing, revenue and costs; available metrics along with much more (requires advanced templates)
Optional: complete analysis of T&M jobs for unbilled records to date (requires advanced templates)
Customization: Any type of custom Excel analysis template can be built upon request