Outlook Signature

As part of some recent Microsoft updates, you may have noticed a change in the email signatures. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s coming your way. If the techs hadn’t mentioned the latest updates in our daily meeting, I might have panicked and thought they were all missing!

I have quite a few signatures featuring our fun Gus logo characters and quotes I’ve collected over the years. At the end of the month, I logged in to update my default signature. What I found was a different layout.

Now there are different groups of signatures. There is a list to choose from under the each email account, and a separate ‘Signatures on this device.’

Unfortunately, the ‘on this device’ signatures are not available to select as a default under the E-mail account group. From what we’ve found so far, the signatures have to be re-created under the e-mail group in order to select as the default for New messages or Replies/forwards.

Seems like the concept of ‘signatures on this device’ separate from default email signatures is a nice idea, but this doesn’t play well in practice.

For now, if you want to have any of the ‘device’ signatures as a default, they have to be re-created under the E-mail so they can be selected; very irritating! – CMW