Outlook 2013 Crashing/IE-10/Windows 7

Outlook 2013 Crashing/IE-10/Windows 7

Many new workstations and laptops are shipping with Internet Explorer 10 (IE10), Outlook 2013, and Windows 7.

Internet Explorer 10
– Many business-related websites such as banking sites have limited functionality through IE 10, and in some cases, these sites do not work at all. We recommend downgrading to Internet Explorer 9 to avoid these issues.

Outlook 2013
– The tech blogs are full of complaints about Outlook 2013 crashing on Windows 7 machines after users log in to their email. The most recent Microsoft updates in November have not addressed this problem, and in some cases, have re-introduced the problem after the profiles have been rebuilt. We recommend skipping the Office Suite version 15.0.4551.1005 update. Please watch for future updates from Microsoft to see if these will resolve this crash issue. Again, if your profile has been rebuilt to address crashing after log in, do
install this update, or you risk having to go through the whole process again!

Windows 7
– within the last year, compatibility issues with business software have greatly improved. Some older software still does not work with the Windows 7 Operating System, but this problem is becoming less and less, which is good news for the back office.

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Catherine Wendt