Office 2010 and Zoom

Office 2010 and Zoom

Office 2010—End of Life as of October 13, 2020

Time keeps marching on. We just wrapped up the Windows 7 and Server 2008 end-of-life software.  Now it’s time to look at the version of Office on your workstation or laptop. If you’re running Office 2010, you’ll need to get that upgraded before October 13th this year. After that date, Microsoft will not release any additional updates for the product, making it an excellent target for hackers.

Zoom Breaches

Remote meetings are great tools to stay connected. We’ve been using them for years with video cameras through Go To Meeting.

You may have stumbled on some of the horror stories with Zoom; unannounced meeting crashers! Zoom is focusing on security updates, so if you’re using Zoom, run the updates or you may receive some unexpected guests on your next call! – CMW