New Work Photos Module for FIT

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New Work Photos Module for FIT

Hinsdale, IL—October 26, 2020 – Today Syscon, an IT company known for supporting construction companies, announced that their Field Integrated Time (F.I.T.) System app has made it even easier to capture progress on work orders with the release of the new Work Photos Module.

“I think our new module turned out fantastic! It’s incredibly user-friendly, easy for people to pick up, and does exactly what you want it to do,” said Chris Wendt, Syscon Programming and Design Director.

The F.I.T. System enables field personnel to use their smartphones (or tablets) to enter their time by job and send directly to the payroll and project management tool, Sage 100 Contractor, with the click of a button. The F.I.T. System’s new Work Photos Module lets field staff take pictures from the field and send them directly to the back office.

Traditionally, field staff have documented job site progress using photos stored on multiple personal devices and submitted via email and text threads, which resulted in a tangled workflow among field staff, supervisors, and the back office. Managing photos that document work progress or accidents on a job site was a logistical challenge. Syscon’s Work Photos Module streamlines the entire process—photos are taken through the F.I.T. app and sent to the back office, where they integrate with Sage 100 Contractor. Photos attach directly to the job or work order rather than being stored on personal devices.

Syscon surveyed its existing F.I.T. customers to determine what new features they wanted. The Work Photos Module was developed because it was the No. 1 request from survey respondents. The new module includes the option to upload descriptions of the photo (or photos) being submitted. It was designed to be smartphone-friendly since most F.I.T. clients prefer a smartphone over a tablet.

“We’re constantly improving F.I.T.,” Wendt said. “We are always looking for ways to make improvements that make things even faster and more reliable than they already are. Sometimes that means we add small, new features like being able to resize column widths or sometimes we add bigger features like the Work Photos Module.”

Syscon’s F.I.T. System has collected over 7 million field hours since it launched the SQL version in 2017. Field staff in all 50 states use Syscon’s mobile field time app. Syscon developed it in response to client requests for a replacement to collecting time on paper timesheets—they were tired of transcribing illegible handwriting to process payroll. There had to be a better way, so Syscon wrote one. The F.I.T. System is available in the App Store and Google Play.

About Syscon, Inc.: Syscon has been supporting construction companies and their computers for almost 35 years. Syscon has the experience to help construction businesses use technology effectively to save time and money. Syscon has expertise in construction, technology, and Sage 100 Contractor.