New Malware – Protect Your Data

A new ransomware variant is out there called Jigsaw. Unless the $150 in bitcoin ransom is paid, criminals will delete the files throughout a 72-hour period. Why just $150? It’s a price most people are willing to pay, so the criminals get paid more often. It is less than a new computer, but enough to keep a hacker happy.

If you don’t pay the ransom in bitcoins, the virus starts to delete your files. If you reboot, Jigsaw deletes 1,000 of your files. Every hour you wait, Jigsaw deletes more files. Once the 72 hours is up, all your files get deleted.

How to protect your data

  1. Understand the threat before it happens. Educate your staff on things to look for – email from an unknown source with a strange subject line or attachment. Do not open the document unless you know for sure it is from a trusted source. This is how malware often gets into your network. If it’s questionable, ask your IT provider to check it out before opening it. Syscon techs study malware attacks and stay current on the most recent threats.
  2. Keep your computers patched with all the latest software updates. This updated security software may help to stop some attacks.
  3. Keep your anti-virus software up to date with all of the latest threat definitions. This isn’t a guarantee because the virus or malware might be undetectable, but it’s an important line of defense.
  4. The only way to get through this type of malware attack on your data is to have good backups in place. If Syscon services your backups, call us right away if you get attacked. We will go back in time before the corruption happened and grab that data for you.
  5. Make sure all the data you want is backed up. Save your individual computer files to the network so they get backed up. If you have a full offsite workstation backup in place, you’re covered.

Syscon can help protect your data. We install and maintain antivirus software, we have a number of backup solutions and can find just the right one for you. Unfortunately, ransomware is becoming more popular with criminals, so it’s never too late to protect yourself. Be a success story instead of a hack story! – LP/RM