Never Split the Difference, by Chris Voss

Earlier this year I had the chance to hear Chris Voss speak at an industry event. He shared some FBI American hostage stories and his negotiation efforts; really eye-opening. He then went on to talk about the science of negotiating and how it has transformed in recent decades.

For Chris Voss and the families in distress, the stakes were very high – 4 hostages, so just split the difference? Not acceptable in life and death situations, and probably not in our day-to-day situations. In the book, there are some great stories, from his time with the FBI, and from his friends and students. There’s also a wealth of specific, actionable information we can use in our businesses, our relationships, and our families.

Mr. Voss goes on to say that life is negotiation, and negotiation is nothing more than communication with results.  This is not a book about manipulation. This is an excellent book about communication, human nature, and how to negotiate. Highly Recommended! – CMW