Monitoring Your Information on the Dark Web

We’ve had a great response to a new service we began offering last Fall. Now available for small to medium-size businesses, this service monitors the Dark Web for breaches involving your company domain name and associated email.

You’d be surprised as to what data is available for sale on the Dark Web. We’ve seen passwords compromised, the home address, father’s middle name, previous addresses, all the necessary information to get past security protocols; and it’s for sale!

If you’re interested in finding out more about this service, we can run your company’s domain name as a one-time search. We’ll show you the results so you can be confident all is well, or take steps to get passwords changed, remove former employees from your network, or any other necessary steps.

We offer the monitoring service, as well.  The service includes providing notifications when new compromises are found. Just give us a call – 630-850-9039!  – CMW