Microsoft Audit Notices: Did you get the Email?

We’ve seen a new round of Microsoft Audit email notifications. They seem to come in waves, and there’s a wave out there right now.

The first step is to make sure it is a legitimate request, not just a scam. If it’s from a legitimate source, and Microsoft uses third parties to perform these audits, it’s important to know that these are not mandatory. Of course, if you don’t comply, you are most likely higher on the list for a forced audit.

Either way, it’s important to know what you’re choosing. Better yet, get compliant and stay compliant. The rules can be complicated, so make sure you ask for assistance when adding staff or additional access to existing staff. This includes Operating Systems on computers, Remote Desktop licenses, Exchange licenses, to name a few. If you use SQL, multiple servers, and virtual machines, there are still other licenses. Then there’s the most basic such as Office Standard; did you know that the Terminal Server needs sufficient Office licenses to cover all users with access? It adds up…

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