Maintenance – Let’s Get Back On Track

Maintenance – Let’s Get Back On Track 

These last few months have been absolutely brutal on everyone, especially computers and networks! Many of our clients have had to add access to their networks through home computers. Often these are not kept up-to-date with patches, may or may not have anti-virus, and are usually sitting behind an internet router. Most homes don’t have a firewall, and many internet routers have default passwords still in place! What a security nightmare.

Meantime, office machines have been turned off so they’re not getting updates, and no maintenance has been done in months. Not everyone is back in their offices, so this continues to be a concern for us since you look to us to keep your computer systems safe.

So, we’d like your help:

· We’re offering to do some regular maintenance remotely! We can remotely connect to the computers and laptops and run through our checklist.

· We’re ready to come onsite (if you’re in IL or AZ) and get things back on track.

· You don’t have everyone back in the office yet? No problem, whoever is in the office can just turn them on for us.

You know the drill—we’ll have to take over the computer for a little bit, so staff members can have a meeting, run errands, or work on an alternative machine. For the server(s), same thing; we might have to ‘bounce’ the server so there might be a short work interruption.

Whether you’re ready to have us onsite, or you’d be more comfortable with remote help right now, we’re ready to set it up with you! – CMW