Log On Credentials – Compromised! Now What?

So you’ve heard about all the big companies that have been hacked – Yahoo, Equifax, Target, and on the list goes.  What does that have to do with your business?  I’d like to tell you, and this is important.

We know that many of the people who work for you use the same password at multiple sites – their utilities, the bank log on, their online shopping, movie sites, and so on.  When these places are hacked, the Dark Web now has those passwords and they’re for sale!  Not to mention your employees probably use their work email as their log on, so now your domain name is associated with a person whose passwords have been compromised; that puts YOU at risk.

So what do you do to protect your business?  We have a service that has finally been made available to small and mid-sized businesses (big business and the government have had this for a while, now).   This service can scan the Dark Web for compromised credentials and passwords.  Your domain name (ours is Syscon-inc.com) is scanned to look for all email addresses and similar accounts associated with your domain.  This brings up a list of credentials and passwords that are known to these hackers.  This is your chance to clean up and lock down old user accounts, old passwords, and even rotate current passwords and credentials.

Then, the monthly service sends an email when new information about your domain name is located on the Dark Web, as well as a monthly summary.  We can even add some personal email addresses in addition to the company domain name(s).  Staying on top of this is critical for the protection of your network and your data.