Living with a Navy SEAL: Book Review

Living with a Navy SEAL by Jesse Itzler

I’ll say this—Jesse Itzler is out there! Who would invite a Navy SEAL into their home to train for a month? Someone you don’t know, never met. This is the story of a Navy SEAL and Jesse, man to man, pushing their physical limits, but the language distracted me and took away some of the fun of reading the book, although I doubt a Navy SEAL (or Jesse) is worried about his language!

Jesse breaks the chapters into a diary or log of sorts, outlining the training over the one-month timeline mixed in with stories about his company, his crazy history in business, and a little about his wife and son. He doesn’t divulge the name of the Navy SEAL, he just calls him ‘SEAL’ throughout the book.

The premise was an absolutely crazy idea, and he confesses it throughout the book! However, he also shares his amazement at his training progress as he follows this ridiculous regimen for the 30 days. SEAL’s rule was that Jesse would do whatever he said, period! As Jesse blasts past one ceiling after another, he learns a lot about himself, the messages we tell ourselves about our limits, and the truly ‘cushy’ life we live.  – CMW