Latest Scam – Blackmail!

This email scam starts by showing your password in the Subject line; that’ll get your attention! The email shows your address in the ’From’ and ’To’ fields.

In broken grammar and some words I think they misused, they tell you they’re a hacker and that they have your password. They admit you’ve probably changed it, but they say they’re still tracking you and have been spying on you.

Next, they say how shocked they are at some of the sites you’ve been visiting. If you’ll send them $729 in bitcoin, they won’t send your whole contact list the screen shots and video of you visiting those sites. That’s the blackmail part!

Someone with a guilty conscious might fall for this. It’s definitely an attempt at blackmail. This is definitely an email scam and they’re using Social Engineering to trick you.

Definitely change your passwords; use our handy camera cover gadget (rather than post-its and duct tape!); don’t visit questionable sites; lock your computer when you walk away; be sure you’re anti-virus is up-to-date; during maintenance, run malware scans. Be pro-active! – CMW