Intel Processor Shortage

Some tough news from Intel, the manufacturer of computer processors. There is a shortage of Intel processors right now, and it’s creating a back log to get new laptops and workstations.

The processor is the part of the computer that does all the computations, the heart of the computer. You may have heard techs talk about i3, i5, and i7 processors – that’s what Intel makes.

The backlog is pretty frustrating, so I asked the techs about alternatives. They were very forceful in their response and had specific ‘thoughts’ for me, right away.

  • They do NOT recommend alternative processors; they strongly recommend that we be patient while Intel gets caught up.
  • Alternative processors have known issues with Microsoft SQL, a product that 90% of our clients use in some form.
  • They said that after Windows updates, bugs can show up, and these bugs are directly related to the alternative processors.

The good news – Intel expects to have the shortage wrapped up by the start of Quarter 2. Some computers are available now, others are on back order, as far out as late March.

So we’re asking you to be patient and flexible. Intel is still THE industry standard, and it’s worth the wait, even if that’s a little frustrating now – the alternative is several years of frustration with a computer that will have issues after Windows updates and with Microsoft SQL! – CMW