HP Battery Recall – Possible Fire Hazard

There are some HP Notebook and Mobile Workstation computers that may have issues with their batteries. This was announced in January 2018, and is now expanded as of January 2019.

HP says that the affected batteries could overheat, ‘posing a fire or burn hazard’ to customers.

They’re very clear that NOT ALL batteries in all HP ProBooks, Zbooks, Thin Clients, or Pavilions are affected by this recall, so it’s important to use their validation utility tool.

They have a website where you can enter some info about your HP and see if the battery is under recall. It’s their HP Battery Validation Utility. Here’s the link – https://batteryprogram687.ext.hp.com/.

On a side note, one of our laptops was affected by this recall. Ordering the battery was extremely easy. It arrived in a great deal of packaging, with a special container for the battery, and in a box that was absolutely huge! We called HP to let them know it arrived and they sent a tech out to replace the batter and take the ‘bad’ one back with them. It only took a few minutes and was very easy to arrange. Again, not all HP laptops batteries are part of this recall. Check out the link for the HP Validation tool. Be safe! – CMW