How To Get Anything You Want; Book Review

How To Get Anything You Want by Nido Qubein

I had a chance to hear Mr. Qubein speak at an industry event. I was moved by his presentation, and even found myself leading some moments of audience clapping in response to his comments. I also ended up in the elevator with him as he was leaving the building; he was gracious during this short encounter, true to the man I just saw on the stage!

I’m not a fan of the this title, I’ll say that up front. And, it doesn’t reflect the content of the book, either.  The book is required reading for the students entering the college that he has turned around. It is packed with quotes from literary giants, scholars, and our founding fathers, to name a few. The underlying message is that we are responsible for who we are, what we do, and the life we lead; absolutely!

I recommend this book. I also recommend that if you have a chance to hear Nido Qubein speak at a ‘live’ event, take it. An amazing man, an amazing story. – CMW