How Do I Kick People Out of S100C

There are a few tasks in Sage 100 Contractor that require Exclusive Access. For some of us, every month when we want to roll the posting period forward, we send out a nice reminder for everyone to log off. At the appointed time, we check the box and hope that we’ll be pleasantly surprised— but it doesn’t usually work that way.

In the past, this is when I call one of the techs and ask them to kick people out. Last year when I was testing some new features, I stumbled on something that I realized I could use to take back control!  

There’s a new process called the Tune Up; it’s similar to the old Reindex feature, and even more important now that the software has a SQL back end.  This process runs each evening, but it requires that everyone be out of the software.  For those of you who hoard licenses and never log off (release your license), you’re inviting new problems—buy more licenses and log off at the end of the day so this process runs; but I digress…

Turns out you can manually initiate a Tune Up. This is done from the new Database Admin tool. And when you use this feature, and there are users logged in, it gives you a great list of who is in the software, AND it allows you to terminate their sessions!

When you click ‘Terminate Connections,’ the user(s) will receive a message that their session will end and they have 60 seconds to save their work before the session is disconnected.

Voila! Within one minute you have Exclusive Access!  Now, I recommend you go ahead and run the Tune Up as long as you’re there, then quickly launch Sage 100 Contractor, click Administrator Rights, and click Exclusive Access, then go ahead and move the default posting period forward.

A couple of things:

  • You need to be an Administrator in the company dataset you’re working on. If you can see the ‘Open company with Administrator rights’ message, you’re all set.
  • This feature is launched from the Database Admin tool. If this tool is installed locally, just double-click on the icon. You can also launch this from the main menu where you choose your dataset and Administrator rights. It will either say ’Start Database Administration’ or ’Open Remote Desktop for…’ and finish with the name of the server it’s installed on. 

I don’t think forcing a Tune Up to terminate connections was the intent, but I’m happy I stumbled on it. You may be too. —CMW