How Do I Get a Backlog Report to Give to the Bank?

Use the Job Status field in the 3-5 Job Screen. This is a lot easier (and more accurate) than keeping a spreadsheet. When a contract is committed, create the job in the 3-5 screen (instead of putting it in a spreadsheet), and use the status 3-Contract. This indicates you have the work but you are not yet actively scheduling for the job. Be sure to include the Contract amount (it can always be updated later when the final contract arrives) AND enter the Project Started date on the third tab.

Print the backlog report using the 3-1-1-41 (or similar) report for Job Status 3. You’ll have an on-demand list of contract backlog work that can be sent as a PDF, printed to Excel, or just printed and left on the Estimators’ desks.

Don’t forget to go back and update the status to 4-Current when the job starts and adjust the final contract amount if needed. Add the Contract Signed date and maybe use the paperclip to attach Tax Exempt letters and other job-specific documents. – CMW