How Did They Do It? Weaver Brothers Construction


Be prepared for anything and try to sleep at night. These two practices equip Adam Bates, co-owner, for success. The unexpected often interrupts a planned workday, such as a worker calling in sick, another subcontractor running into an on-site issue, or terrible weather. Weaver Brothers got a call shortly after heavy storms hit the area. The storms washed out the sole boat launch of a state-owned lake, so there were several people with nowhere to secure their boats – all this transpired shortly before a holiday weekend. Weaver Brothers obtained an emergency permit and got working right away. They were able to rebuild the launch before the holiday weekend.

Adaptability was the key to handling this unique situation – and every other challenge that comes along to keep the business operating. Technology has become much more relevant to running the business, Adam said. Prior to implementing Syscon’s Indirect Cost Allocation, Office Manager/Accountant Shari Courser was calculating job costs by hand and in Excel. Now it’s a very simple process she can do in a matter of minutes.

That frees her up to help with other projects, including the Weaver Brothers’ own scholarship program. The Mark Bates Scholarship Fund was established in honor of the late Mark Bates, who started his career at Weaver Brothers at age 18 and worked his way up from laborer to co-owner (much like current co-owners Adam, Peter, Jason, and Jeff Bates). The scholarship benefits Plymouth State University students pursuing a degree in physical education or business – Mark studied phys ed and wound up helping to run the family business. So far, 29 scholarships were awarded totaling $54,000. A fundraiser that’s a literal big party in a field with auction items and raffles funds the Weaver Brothers’ scholarship program.

Weaver Brothers Construction Fast Facts

Location: Bow, NH
Specialty: Road & Earthwork
Founded: 1946
Professional Affiliations: Associated General Contractors of New Hampshire, New Hampshire Good Roads, New Hampshire Department of Transportation
Other: Runs the Mark Bates Scholarship Fund for Plymouth State University students seeking a bachelor’s degree in physical education or business