How Did They Do It? Sterling Commercial Roofing


In a recent interview, Kevin Froeter, president of Sterling Commercial Roofing, shared key insights into the company’s journey, challenges, and success-driving philosophy.

With roots tracing back through three generations in the roofing business, his commitment to excellence spans many years. His belief that the only company surpassing Sterling today will be Sterling tomorrow underscores the company’s dedication.

Upon acquiring Sterling Commercial Roofing in 2008, he prioritized employees and customers, recognizing that their well-being would naturally lead to financial success. This approach, centered on customer satisfaction and employee focus, has been pivotal in the company’s achievements.

Reflecting on challenges, he highlighted supply chain issues in the past year. To overcome material delays, the company took decisive actions, including a 300% inventory increase and strategic material sourcing. This adaptive strategy showcased resilience and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Sharing a compelling story from a project at Rock Island Arsenal, he emphasized the company’s rare commitment to rectifying mistakes. Despite an error, they dismantled and replaced the roof at no cost to the owner, solidifying their position as the preferred roofing contractor for Rock Island Arsenal.

When discussing Syscon resources, he praised the Sage100 system for its positive impact on the organization. While initially challenging, once mastered, it provided invaluable information. He commended Syscon for their support in setup and problem-solving.

In conclusion, he reiterated the company’s commitment to constant improvement. The mantra that the only company better than Sterling today will be Sterling tomorrow encapsulates the company’s ethos. Their pledge to strive for excellence ensures they remain a leader in the industry, navigating a dynamic business environment with a focus on customer satisfaction, employee well-being, and continuous improvement. – RB

Fast Facts

Location: Sterling, IL
Specialty: Roofing
Founded: 1986
Affiliations: CRCA and CRCA Health and Safety Committee