How Did They Do It? Shepherd Response


In a recent discussion with Syscon, John Bunting, Controller of Shepherd Response, shared key aspects of the company’s journey and the challenges they’ve encountered in the realm of disaster relief.

His decision to join Shepherd Response was fueled by the excitement of contributing to a company in its early stages of growth. He emphasized the importance of blending technology and talent, stating, “We’re successful because we leverage technology. But it’s not just about the tools; it’s about the people.”

Managing rapid growth has been a challenge for the company, requiring strategic decision-making as they expand to multiple states. He acknowledged, “Rapid growth is exciting, but it’s a double-edged sword. Without strategic decision-making, you can make costly mistakes. It’s about growing wisely.”

While he doesn’t directly engage with customers, he highlighted the profound impact of Shepherd Response’s work. “Building homes for people who’ve been displaced goes beyond construction. It’s about transforming lives,” he shared.

Syscon’s communication efforts were commended by Bunting for their role in facilitating efficient operations. He emphasized the importance of quick responses in keeping their business moving forward.

As the Controller, his 23 years of accounting experience align with Shepherd Response’s commitment to principles like work ethic and doing things right the first time. He concluded, “The partnership with Syscon has been crucial in moving the needle.”

In essence, the conversation with John provides a glimpse into the passion and commitment behind Shepherd Response, where technology, talent, and a shared vision come together for impactful disaster relief. – RB

Fast Facts

Location: Clayton, NC
Specialty: Cleaning and Restoration
Founded: 2020