How Did They Do It? Preferred Electric


According to Accounting Manager Renee Cichon, it’s all about collaboration. Preferred Electric has a strong team that’s powered by technology. Their team had to come together to keep their electricians working in the field while most employees pivoted to working from home during the pandemic. Renee’s chief responsibility is the accounting area, but she helps in just about every area except hands-on electrical work. That’s where strong collaboration came into play – communication lines remained open, and everyone maintained the same hours whether they were working from home or the office.

Not only did their company stay open, but they grew. They expanded from being local electrical contractors (local to the Chicago area) to a national company. “It’s exciting to see how the business has changed and shifted since I’ve been here,” Renee said.

Technology helps the team work collaboratively and effectively. Preferred Electric uses Syscon’s Field Integrated Time (F.I.T.) System to capture field time. There’s no longer any question about who has submitted their time. Not only does the accounting no longer need to key in time, but the field can review their time submissions any time. According to Renee, Syscon’s F.I.T. System has saved a ton of time and smoothed out their workflow. – BK

Preferred Electric Fast Facts

Location: Bloomingdale, IL
Specialty: Electrical and low voltage services
Founded: 1973
Other: Expanded from local to national