How Did They Do It? Powell Architecture and Building Studio


Luke Tidwell started as a sculptor in the art world. As much as he enjoyed it, he wanted to find a career that let him contribute to society in a more impactful way. By getting a Master’s in Architecture, he carved out a niche that feels like sculpting on a large scale: Powell Architecture and Building Studio, where they design and build. They are operating in a unique industry—most architects do not build their projects, but Powell is licensed as both an architect and a general contractor. This combination calls for creativity as well as the ability to manage complex projects.

Powell applied that creativity to an unusual situation. After a tornado hit Nashville, two clients reached out for two distinct projects. Powell realized that if one person owned both projects, they would be more valuable, so Powell helped broker a sale between the two clients. Much of this project was managed remotely. Luke pointed to Syscon’s automation tools and cost to complete calculator as helpful resources to increasing Powell’s accuracy and profitability. Ultimately, this greater efficiency helps the Powell team be creative while managing complex projects.

Fast Facts

Full Name: Powell Architecture and Building Studio
Location: Nashville, TN
Specialty: Architecture and building
Founded: 2007