How Did They Do It? MSL Electric


Shelly Griffin, controller at MSL Electric, pinpointed the reason for the company’s success. “The owners don’t want to cut corners – they want us to get it right the first time,” Shelly said. This means the company is extremely organized and that everyone works cohesively as a team. “It’s a family type feel; it’s a great team where everyone works very well together. We all help each other. It’s like a second home,” Shelly said. She was so drawn to the company that she stopped working as an independent contractor to join MSL Electric’s team full time.

Shelly said that she’s open to “any new technology that helps reduce overhead.” When she first started at MSL Electric, they were using paper checks and didn’t have direct deposit. They did use construction-specific accounting Sage software, which they continue to use today. They’ve now implemented direct deposit and other paperless technology, including Syscon’s Field Integrated Time (F.I.T.) System for digital field time collection. “I love the F.I.T. timecard system! It saves us so much time and data entry. If we didn’t have that, we’d probably have another payroll clerk position just for data entry on timecards,” Shelly said.

As the controller, she manages everything related to accounting and accounting software. She described her job as making sure “everything is running smoothly.” She said she is “always learning something” from Syscon’s newsletters and webinars.

MSL Electric Fast Facts

Location: Anaheim, CA
Specialty: Electric – public works sector
Founded: 2002
Professional Affiliations: International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers