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How Did They Do It? Lynch Construction


In December 1990, Jeff Lynch was ‘let go’ following some owner decisions. Joan had a good job, so they were ready to start their own company specializing as a residential general contractor for custom home remodels. Joan did accounting on the weekends. Through excellent work and great referrals, the company was incorporated in 1993 and began growing, adding employees, and ultimately requiring Joan’s full-time attention in 1998.

When a custom stair vendor announced they were closing, right in the middle of a large project, they grabbed the opportunity. After bringing on their sales person, the Shop Foreman and two others, they created North Shore Stairs as a compliment to the Lynch Construction company.

Every project has been handled as the next referral. ‘We want to make sure everyone is perfectly satisfied’, says Joan Lynch. Neighbors share and they like to receive recommendations. Jeff is very creative. Customers look to him for suggestions so the additions don’t look like an attachment, but as if they were part of the original home.

Jeff is very creative and people look to him for suggestions. The goal is to improve the home, not look like an addition. One client wanted to hide the TV behind a painting, but the interior designer wasn’t sure how to make it happen. The Lynch team came up with a pulley system, and with just the touch of a finger, the art is lifted and the TV is available. They were thrilled! Having been with S100C since 2002 and in the Syscon hosting environment since 2012, one of their favorite services is knowing they can call and talk to a real person, not just a machine. Personal contact is huge. Syscon is there to help the Lynch team use technology so they can get back to work! – CMW

Lynch Construction Fast Facts

Location: Lake Bluff, IL
Specialty: Residential Custom Home Remodel
Founded: 1993