How Did They Do It? Lakeview Construction


In a recent conversation, Ron Schaefer, the Lakeview Controller, shared insights into the company’s journey, challenges, customer-centric approach, and the role of technology.

With a passion for fulfilling unique needs and meticulous attention to detail, Lakeview Construction stands out from competitors. They consistently deliver exceptional results by understanding customer expectations and executing tasks with precision.

Adapting to a remote work environment was the primary challenge faced by the business last year. Balancing an “always-on” mentality and work-life boundaries posed obstacles that were overcome through effective management and commitment to work-life balance.

As their technology partner, we played a crucial role in optimizing their processes, providing guidance on licensing issues, and expanding their understanding of alternative approaches.

This collaboration has led to improved practices and informed decision-making.

Through our partnership, they have leveraged technology to streamline processes, make informed decisions, and enhance overall operations. With its strong foundation built on attention to detail, precise execution, and a genuine passion for the industry, Lakeview Construction is poised for continued success in the construction field.

Fast Facts

Location: Pleasant Prairie, WI
Specialty: Construction
Construction type: Commercial Contractor
Affiliations: Retail Contractors Association.