How Did They Do It? Kisby Shore


James Lees traded in his career as an attorney for the chance to work with his father at the company his dad built from the ground up. James is an attorney who is also a card-carrying union member. From day 1, James had his father’s strong work ethic instilled in him. In his early days as a new hire for his dad, James spent time on construction sites with the guys in the field getting hands-on experience. He saw his father work hard, which inspired him to work hard in turn. That work ethic is the backbone of his success now that he’s taken over the family business from his late father.

As the only commercial mechanical contractor in Atlantic City, he gets ample opportunity to work hard. They get a lot of emergency calls after business hours. He recalled one bitter cold night in February when the Atlantic Housing Authority called at 2 a.m. on Saturday because 3,000 residents were without heat. In less than an hour, James and his crew were on site despite the late hour and sleet. Within a few hours, their crew had replaced the old, crumbled pipe and restored the heat.

Every day on the job is a little different. While they take emergency calls, their primary work is as a new construction installation company. Using Sage 100 Contractor and Syscon’s add-on Over/Under Billing report helps the accounting side of the business running smoothly. “The support I get from Syscon is unbelievable”, James said.

Kisby Shore Fast Facts

Location: Atlantic City, NJ
Specialty: Mechanical contractors
Founded: 1951
Professional Affiliations: South Jersey Mechanical Contractors Association, Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 322 & 9, New Jersey Building Laborers Local 77