How Did They Do It? JJ Costa Company


Handshakes, hard work, and honesty. That’s how brothers Joe and Jay saw their father run the company before they took it over, and it’s how they run it, also. The company has grown significantly – mostly through referrals. “Good work will come to you if you’re honest with people,” Joe said. Their jobs are high end residential and commercial projects for restaurants and the archdiocese. Most of their clientele have been with them for many years and are now not just clients but friends.

This personable approach has served their company well – JJ Costa keeps growing. Until about 2 years ago, they did not advertise. Joe has leaned into modern practices, including networking via several business organization as well as updating their website to showcase their work and full capabilities. “I’m not afraid to use technology to benefit us,” Joe said.

The company progressed from doing estimating in a spiral-bound notebook to computer-based solutions like Excel and Sage 100 Contractor. Implementing Sage properly was a challenge. It was supposed to make the work go faster and smoother, but without proper training, it was a huge learning curve until Syscon came along. Once Cathy came aboard to help Joe and his team, things started to fall into place. “We couldn’t be any happier with support and personal training that Syscon provides,” Shonda said, Office Manager. —BK

JJ Costa Company Fast Facts

Location: Metairie LA
Specialty: General Contractor
Founded: 1952
Professional Affiliations: New Orleans Chamber, Louisiana Restaurant Association, Home Builders Association of Greater New Orleans, Architectural Institute of America