How Did They Do It? Guthrie Glass & Mirror


The CFO of Guthrie Glass & Mirror, James Baumgardner, provided insights into the construction industry and the company’s strategies for success.

With a family history in construction dating back to the 1970s in the New Jersey and Philadelphia area, James initially pursued a career in accounting with a BIG4 firm. However, in early 2020, he transitioned to the family business, aligning his skills with the company’s growth plans.

He attributes his success to the guidance of his parents and the dedication of the incredible staff. Recognizing the challenges of employee recruitment and retention, the company has prioritized employee well-being by implementing various perks and wellness programs.

He emphasized the company’s commitment to assisting customers in unique situations within the diverse landscape of commercial construction projects. Collaborating with architects, the company constantly reimagines plans and suggests cost-effective alternatives to bring visions to life.

Highlighting the invaluable S100C expertise from Syscon, he noted that the partnership has enabled the company to explore and confidently adopt new technologies, enhancing operational efficiency.

In his role as CFO, he and his team oversee the administrative side of the business, ensuring the team has the necessary resources to excel in construction. His favorite part of the day is the unique culture within the company, fostering a close-knit environment that feels like one big family.

James offers a piece of advice to others, emphasizing the importance of doing the right thing in both personal and professional dilemmas, even if it’s not the easiest or most financially beneficial choice. This principle has been a cornerstone of Guthrie Glass & Mirror’s approach. – RB

Fast Facts

Location: Egg Harbor, NJ
Specialty: Glazing and Metal Fabrication
Founded: 1986
Professional Affiliations: AGMA, AGI, and GBCA